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Heathrow to Kings Cross

What train goes to King Cross directly from the airport? Should we prebook for better rates? Thanks travelers for your help.

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You can’t prebook it - it’s the London Underground (or “tube”) although it will be above ground for the large part of your journey.

You pay by tapping your credit/debit card on entry and exit.

It takes about an hour to Kings Cross, stopping frequently, but it’s cheap and easy.

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The cost of the Piccadilly line to King Cross will be 5.60 GBP.

That's assuming it's a single fare and is paid with contactless Credit Card, phone payment (Apple Pay or Google Pay) or Oyster Card.

Once you reach Kings Cross, and leave the Underground. You will then tap out with the same method used to tap in.

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is this the same trip outlined in your profile? In that you say hotel in Waterloo. Have you changed hotels?

To clarify about the Tube - it is a train, on rails, like a subway train in Montreal, New York, Bay Area, etc, and the Piccadilly line is one of many different lines around and though London. It originates at Heathrow, and there are areas suitable for luggage, and the seats are along the walls so there is a view through the opposite windows. The line is above ground for much of its journey, just going underground for the bit through central London.

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Thanks Nigel and others for your help. This is our second trip back to London. This time we are staying a few days in London before we take the LNER to Edinburgh. On our last trip in 2022, we were mainly on a tour, this time we are planning it our ourselves using public transportation. It's quite a job, but kind people like you and others make it easier. Last time, we had such a good trip, we decided to go back and see more.