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heathrow to hotel!

I arrive in heathrow terminal 5 at 12pm on a friday. My hotel is the marriott regents park ( 128 King Henry's Rd, London NW3 3ST, UK)
I have been researching ways to get to the hotel. I have a lot of luggage but I dont want to use the hearhrow express or a taxi because they are too expensive. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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Have you checked to see if there is a hotel shuttle available? If your hotel does not have a dedicated one there might be a cooperative one. I have heard of these in other would think there might be one in London. Check with reception at your hotel. There might be a hotel shuttle with a desk at Heathrow.

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the hotel doesnt have a shuttle. and the ones from heathrow are for the nearby hotels. Thanks for the reply

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If you take the Tube ( cheapest option), you will have to change trains once, and then walk from the Swiss Cottage stop to your hotel. Do you really want to do that with lots of luggage? The Heathrow Express plus taxi will take you right to the hotel door, where a bellman will help with the luggage. The Heathrow Express may not be as expensive as you think---tickets bought online 90 days in advance are £12.10.

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If you can manage your luggage by yourself, take the Tube. Take the Piccadilly line to Jubilee line to the Swiss Cottage Station stop. Apparently you would have a .3 mile walk from the stop to the hotel. If you can't manage your luggage by yourself, I don't see any choice, but to take a taxi or private car hire.

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You confuse me with "12pm". 12pm is midnight!, and AFAIK no planes arrive that late at Heathrow, and if they did the would be no transport but Taxi's. I am assuming you mean 12 midday (12:00).
Allow ~1 hour, to disembark, get through immigration etc. and emerge into the world.
If you are trying to cut down on cost, then the tube is the answer.

I looked up your hotel (click here for map), it is not in central London. It is very near to "Swiss Cottage" tube station (Jubilee line, grey). See map here: square C4
So, from Heathrow (whichever terminal), buy an Oyster card (one per person), fill it up with some money, get the Piccadilly Line to Gren park, then the Jubilee line to Swiss Cottage.

But, you say you "have a lot of luggage", the tube is not the easiest for luggage, corridors, stairs and escalators. If you cannot carry your luggae that implies a very expensive taxi. The Heathrow express would be of little benefit, as your hotel is a long way from Paddington station.
You have a choice, expensive taxi or cheap tube doing your own carrying.

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Book a car service with the likes of just airports or blackberry cars they are a lot less than a taxi off the rank.

If that's too expensive ditch some luggage and take the Tube

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Thank you all for your replies.
Ive been advised to keep some of my luggage in a locker in heathrow; I dont know if this is a good idea or not(delays? what is the procedure for this?). I have 2 bags and a handbag but will only be using one handbag during my stay in london. I have also checked the option of having my bags delivered from heathrow to my hotel ( I worry they would get lost). But im not sure if these options would end up being more expensive. Any thoughts on these ideas?
Also, how much would a taxi cost from heathrow to my hotel?

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You are the third person to have come back to me on that (the other 2 were e-mails).

This is what I was taught at school:
am = ante meridiem = before midday
pm = post meridiem = after midday.
12 midday is neither am or pm, it cannot be before or after itself!

12 am = 12 midnight at the start of the day, 12 pm = 12 midnight at the end of the day.
The day runs from 12 am to 12 pm, with 12 noon in the middle. 12 pm Monday = 12 am Tuesday.

This is why timetables etc. use the 24 hour clock, it is a lot less ambiguous or confusing.
This may be a UK/US thing, in the UK I was always taught to say "12 noon".

P.S. "the OPs use of 12pm for noon is correct and understood by the vast majority of humans on this planet" AFAIK it is only the US that does not use the 24 hour clock. The UK uses the 24 hour clock for timetables and anything technical, but the 12 hour clock in normal speech. Every other place I have come across uses the 24 hour clock in written form, but 12 or 24 verbally.

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Why not cut back on number of pieces of luggage you are taking? One suitcase should be just fine and afterall, you can buy anything you need when you get there. Just saying.

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The UK National Physical Laboratory which maintains the official UK time scale indicates:

"There are no standards established for the meaning of 12 a.m. and 12 p.m."


"Given this ambiguity, the terms 12 a.m. and 12 p.m. should be avoided."

There might be a standard in the USA for these terms but maybe it is worth knowing these are considered ambiguous elsewhere.

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one last question! are there taxi stops in london next to the metro stations? or should I call a taxi?

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Personally, I'd just take Heathrow Express to save yourself a ton of hassle.

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Tiffany - As Brian and others have mentioned, you may want to look at taking the Heathrow Express to Paddington Station and then a cab to your hotel. If booked far enough in advance the fare can be as low as £12.10.

Check out

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Have you looked at Just Airports? This is a car service ("minicab" in local parlance) and is cheaper than a black cab, particularly if you pay cash instead of using a credit card. Get a price quote here: