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Heathrow to Brighton weekend

1st time traveling as a family in England. We are arriving Heathrow on a Saturday and driving to Brighton with a rental car, I am anticipating jet lag and traffic making it less than fun. Any suggestions for fun stops along the way for lunch and diversions?

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Be prepared for scorching heat - the worst in over 40 years - and driving a car around the M25 to the M23 for Brighton may not be the most pleasant way to get over jet lag.

Many people say that driving with jet lag is comparable to driving under the influence. I don't recommend it.

There are frequent fast trains from Victoria station straight to Brighton and frequent less fast trains from St Pancras station. Perhaps consider a coach or the - I am sure quite hot - tube from the airport to Victoria, train to Brighton, and then hire a car there.

I'm sorry there is so little time to play with.

Going to Brighton during this extensive heatwave on a Saturday in July just after school has broken up will lead to traffic jams and heavy crowding as Londoners and others try to cool off.

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I agree with Nigel - you shouldn’t be driving with jet lag.

Brighton isn’t too long a drive, although on a Saturday, the traffic trying to get to the coast will be hideous, particularly if our heatwave continues. Get there as soon as possible and spend the rest of the day walking to try to get over the jet lag rather than driving after stops and diversions when you are even more tired later in the day.

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I agree with the others. Try and get to Brighton as early as you can if you are insisting on driving. The forecast for this weekend in Brighton is for temperatures to be cooling down a bit but the Met office has been pretty unreliable at forecasts recently and I suspect many will have made plans already to head down to Brighton this weekend.

I took the kids to a local popular beach this morning, we left at 9 and arrived by 9.30 and even then the traffic was building up. By 12.30 the roads coming in were horrendous and that's on a Wednesday (albeit the school holidays). I wouldn't even contemplate going there on Saturday.

At just under two hours I'd head straight for Brighton without any stops. You'll find plenty of places to eat there.

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Don't know what the rest of your trip will be; have not read your other posts.
Suggest bus from Heathrow Central bus station (located inside Heathrow airport; easy to find) to Gatwick airport. Train south to Brighton from there. No car rental involved. No trip into London involved.

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If you decide to get the National Express bus from Heathrow then there’s no need to change at Gatwick. There are buses which come straight on down to Brighton. The trip from Heathrow takes something like two and a half hours.

I’m not sure whether next week means 28th July or 4th August? If the latter then be aware that this is Gay Pride weekend in Brighton. There will be a lot going on but the city will be completely packed.

It’s fun but means everywhere is full. We’re expecting 300,000 extra visitors. A pain unless that’s what you’re coming for.


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Adding to my own post it occurs to me the main road into town will be closed most of Saturday 4th for the Pride parade. That will inevitably slow bus times and make driving in yourself difficult. Trains will also be packed.

I don’t normally put people off coming here but if you are coming on the 4th I really would consider giving us a miss this time if you can. (Unless of course you are coming for Pride, in which case just be aware there will be delays.)