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Heathrow to Bath, and back again?

Hi. For a May trip to England, we plan to take the bus to Bath the morning we fly into Heathrow. After traveling to Cornwall, we expect to take the train from Bath to downtown London. Would it be smartest to reserve these bus and train tickets in advance? Or do we risk more expensive tickets, or none at all, if we buy them on the spot? Thanks - Alan

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Yes in both cases booking in advance is likely to be cheaper, weighed against the possibility of missing the booked service. You can pay extra for the coach to make it more flexible. Unlikely to be no seats available by coach and the train never sells out as such.

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If there is a rail strike the day{s) you are travelling by coach then they will sell out, especially as you are joining at LHR, part way into the journey, so that one must be booked in advance, on a flexible fare. You will only have 2 weeks notice of a strike, by the time it is posted on this forum and with the time difference UK citizens will have moved fast to book the coach.
The train (s) may never sell out, but if you buy on the day you risk standing up for the journey. So apart from cost that is why you should book in advance, to be sure of a seat.

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If you don't want to commit too far in advance but want to have it locked in, just buy the outgoing ticket when you arrive at your temporary destination, not on the day of departure. That is, when you get to Bath, buy the ticket for your return to London. No pressure then and your schedule is clearer.