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Heathrow terminals, and wheelchairs

I have a question about terminals and baggage drop at Heathrow. My daughter and I are flying out of Heathrow tomorrow, Sept 23; I am on a United flight to the US at 12:15 PM, and she is on a British Airways flight to Amsterdam at 2:45 PM. We both have bags to check. Unfortunately, she injured her foot while here in England, so she will require a wheelchair to deal with the long walks - she can walk a bit, but very slowly.

Will we both be able to check our bags in the same terminal? Or will she need to go to a separate terminal for British Airways? Of course we’d like to spend the last few hours together, but it may be that the wheelchair and luggage situation makes that too complicated.

And how does she request a wheelchair? Can she do so when she checks in, or does it need to be at the airport?

Thanks for any suggestions!

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Hope this helps
London Heathrow, United Kingdom (LHR)
Special notice
We have moved operations to Terminal 3. If you’re flying to New York (JFK) you’ll check-in and depart from Terminal 5.

Remember to check your flight status before you go to the airport and arrive at least 3 hours before your scheduled departure time

The BA flt to AMS uses Terminal 5.

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UPDATE: now she is thinking that she may not need a wheelchair, which of course would simplify things. But thanks very much for the links, Joe; if it turns out she does need to help, that info will make it easier.

I’m still wondering whether we will both be able to drop our bags at terminal two, or if she will need to go straight to terminal five.

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No, she cannot drop her bags at Terminal 2. You have to drop your bags where the airline operates. For her it's Terminal 5.

In the future, you should alert the airline ahead of time. This way they will have a wheelchair waiting, or in some cases an electric cart with driver, at both your departing and arriving airports. Upon arrival, they will actually meet her at the gate in Amsterdam.

If a passenger is in a wheelchair, they are usually expedited through security quicker.

I was on a recent flight where there were so many wheelchair requests they were lined up halfway up the jetbridge.

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I would request a wheelchair ahead of time if you are able, heathrow is so large - if the foot didn't hurt it will by the end.

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Most (all?) major airports offer some kind of assistance to persons with reduced mobility, so it might be worth contacting them.

(Although if she wanted to simplify things, she should in my opinion have bought a train ticket to Amsterdam.)