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Heathrow terminal to Victoria station

I’m researching the easiest way to get from LHR terminal 3 to Victoria station. We’re in London for a few days before a cruise out of Dover. My wife recently had back surgery and we’ll not be traveling light and I’ll be managing multiple pieces of luggage. I looked at the megabus but reviews are not great and I’m concerned about making transfers on the train with 3-4 pieces of luggage. I would appreciate any guidance from the community.

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You wouldn't be using Megabus anyway from Heathrow as their service is infrequent. You would be using National Express.

And I do wish people would understand that people only generally write reviews after negative experiences, not positive. There is nothing wrong with Megabus, and for a 45 minute or less journey.
I am well aware of the poor reputation of Greyhound but if the circumstances were right it wouldn't stop me using them, maybe not for a transcontinental journey but for 2 to 3 hours.

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If you're going to Victoria station I think the coach is hard to beat. They are cheap and frequent. I don't know what kind of reviews you've read but keep in mind that the people that review a coach trip are probably the one that like the journey. But if you're worried asbout Megabus, use National Express instead.

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With multiple luggage and a wife who may still be recoving from back surgery, your two "best" choices would be either a hire car from Heathrow to your hotel or the National Express bus to Victoria Coach Station. From there a taxi to your hotel.

If you take the coach, the driver will load your heaviest luggage in the luggage bay under the bus and return it to you at Victoria Coach Station.

From Termimanl 3, you will have to walk to the Heathrow Coach Station about 10-15 minutes away to bet the National Express bus. The walk is mostly underground with some moving sidewalks along the way.

National Express

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Can an airport luggage trolley be taken from T3 to the coach station?

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The first step in this process would be to lower the number of bags you are traveling with, but you know that already……

National Express buses work great. The fact that the driver loads and unloads your bags onto the bus is a definite plus. It is always a bit of a walk anywhere in Heathrow. Be prepared for that.