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Heathrow Terminal 5- walking underground tunnel between gates, anyone walked??

I’ve watched a couple YouTube videos on this tunnel to transfer between gates rather than use the tram. Why would I want to walk? I’ve had bad experiences when using the tram to transfer between gates. The first trams we come upon often are packed full so we wait for the following set. While there was plenty of room to get on the tram initially lots of people piled in and the tram again was packed like sardines in a can. I was jostled, started to fall and nearly trampled. This has happened on more than one occasion. If not for the kind people behind me, who propped me back up, I would have fallen. I use a walking stick for balance but topple if pushed.

Have any forum users walked the tunnel? I am able, do in fact, walk for miles perfectly fine so the distance will not be a concern other than if our plane is late & we need to run for a connection. The videos showed moving walkways so it seems the tunnel might be a reasonably quick way to move between gates. I did see escalators to access the tunnels and assume there are lifts for people unable to use escalators?

If at all possible I’m trying to avoid the tram experience to transfer gates in Terminal 5.

Thank you for your insights!

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Just look at this guide and it will show (and tell) you. If you scroll down, you can see a map of the walkway, then farther down it shows you more information on the walkway specifically (including how long it takes to walk between the gates (approximately 5 min. each). So it is definitely doable.

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I had a very long layover and spent quite a bit of time on the walkways between A and C for terminal 5. It's quite a bit of walking but I had the place pretty much to myself. You go down to level -4. I find walking more restful than sitting in a crowded waiting room. I think it was about a 10 minute walk between A and B and then again between B and C.

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My husband and I have been known to use the walkway. It's nice to be able to stretch our legs after a long flight. We don't use it if we have a tight connection. We are fast walkers, never use the moving walkways, and we beat the posted timings that are displayed along the passageway. I am 65 and he is 74, if that helps.
When we first began using the walkway we we usually the only ones, but the last time we were there, we saw quite a few people.

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We’ve done it when time is not crucial. It’s actually quite nice after being on a long flight.

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Re: Mardee- Thank you so very much for the map link! It’s soooo helpful! I completely missed it when searching through the Heathrow website.

Re: LizLynnwood, Debra & Patty- Thank you for sharing first hand ‘feet in the tunnel’ experience! We always have a 9 hr flight and possibly long layovers, depending if flights are on time or not. I much prefer to walk after sitting for so many hours but DH takes a bit of convincing. We can have a wager; I’ll take the tunnel and he can take the tram and we’ll see who reaches the gate first. I’d be happy to lose 😊

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At one time the T5 walkway was effectively staff and emergency use only, although I don't recall if it was expressly banned. Then it became more for public use, not particularly promoted at first but signage has now been improved and it is now presented as an alternative.

For people who can walk at a reasonable speed it will on average be quicker than taking the shuttle unless there would be only a short wait for one. I always walk on arrival to stretch my legs if nothing else

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Diane, I'm glad it helped - it actually helped me, too, since I will be traveling to LHR for the first time in March and leaving from there in April. In the past, I always flew into Gatwick. It was very hard to find, I will admit - I had to do a search from Google and that's how I found it. There is one guide for each terminal, and now that I've found them all, I am definitely bookmarking them for future use! :-)

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I have always wanted to try walking the tunnels, but I was worried about getting lost and ending up in the wrong place. Is it really well-signed now?

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We walked it this year. It was well-signed. There were an incredible number of moving walkways...we wished we had known how many we'd encounter because we would have kept count! It made us chuckle as each new one appeared.