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Heathrow terminal 3 to terminal 5

My husband and I have connecting flights that go from terminal 3 to terminal 5 at Heathrow, around 14:00 on a weekday. Realistically, how long will that take us to do, including finding the departure gate? I am concerned that the scheduled 1:55 between the flights might leave us huffing and puffing to get to the gate for the boarding time.
Thanks for the help.

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Go to and put in your flight information. It will give you step by step instructions on what you need to do and what the minimum allowable time suggested.

You should be able to stay airside and not have to go through immigration as long as you don't have to collect bags. You will go through security again at Heathrow.

Hi Joanna

As frequent users of Heathrow airport we see plenty of people with connecting flights from different terminals all the time. The route for connections is very clearly marked in purple and there are always people around to help.

Coaches for connections between terminals are around every 10 minutes so your nearly two hours between flights should be ample.

Paul & Nicki

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Thank you, Paul & Nicki.
Do you know if it requires a great deal of walking? I am 75 and speedy walking is problematic.

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Yes the distances to walk can be long. Terminal 3 is especially higgledy-piggledy as it has grown up through the decades and the remotest gates are easily 20 minutes walk from the main terminal for an adult of average mobility. If you think you need it you should request free assistance through your airline in advance.