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Heathrow Pick up waiting times

I want to book a pick up with Just Airports from Heathrow. Our flight is scheduled to land at 10:00 AM on a Saturday from Atlanta. How long should it take to clear customs and collect our checked bags? I will have wheelchair assist, which usually moves more quickly than on foot.

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I was recently in London (flew through LAX). I looked into Just Airports as they do get very good reviews on this travel forum as well as others. The best advice I can give you is to communicate directly with Just Airports. You can email them your questions/concerns at They are very responsive and very helpful. I read that you should plan on 90 minutes from the time your plane lands at Heathrow to the exit doors. I arrived on a Saturday at noon and there was no one in the immigration line. In fact, I had my choice of agents as they were looking for customers. I had no checked luggage and I was out the door in under 10 minutes. No one can tell you how long it will take. What I did learn from emailing Just Airports is that there are two different policies in place with respect to requesting a car - one for cash and one for credit cards. You save money by booking with cash but you have to call them after you land and request a car. So, yes you save money, but when should you call (at landing, at baggage, at customs?) and then how long do you wait for the car? The 90 minute grace period (after your flight lands) described on the Just Airport web site applies only to the pre-booked credit card payment method. I suggest you send them an email, give them your flight info, and ask for their advice. They were very nice and helpful to me. You can also phone Just Airports if you want to talk to a live person (I did that too!). Hope this helps.