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Heathrow Connection Time?

Hi, I used the online Heathrow connection planner at, and it said I would only need 90 minutes for my connecting flights (I'll have 2 hrs and 40 minutes). Is 2 hrs and 40 minutes enough time to take the shuttle between terminals and get through security for an international flight? I won't have any bags to check in (I'm taking carry on only).

Here is my itinerary:
Sept. 15:
Inverness to LHR - arriving at 8:50am (Terminal 5)
LHR to SFO - departing at 11:15am (Terminal 3)


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That is plenty of time, as long as your flight from Inverness is reasonable on time. I have timed the transfer time between terminals airside (not going through immigration control) and it took us 45 minutes from T5 to T3, gate to gate.