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Heathrow Connect ticket validity

Greetings! I have a question regarding Heathrow Connect tickets from Heathrow to London. After researching I decided that my preferred way of getting to London is by Heathrow Connect. I think it is a good middle ground option between taking the tube or the Heathrow Express. I would like to book my tickets online. Does anyone here know if our flight is delayed, if my online ticket would be valid on a later day? I see that tickets are valid for delays if traveling on the Express, but I can't find if that is the same for Connect or not. I emailed this question to Heathrow Connect, but never got a reponse back. Thank you!

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Why bother? It's easy enough to get a ticket just before you get on the train. There is no discount for buying in advance. The trains leave every 30 minutes.

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Thanks! You have convinced me to just wait until we get there to buy the tickets. I think I am over-planning. I have been trying to get lots things taken care of ahead of time, but it sounds like this is simple enough to do there. Especially since it won't cost me anymore money than if I pre-booked. Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.

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If anyone is reading this wondering what it is all about > The Heathrow Express runs non-stop from the Airport to Paddington. However, every 30 minutes, the 'Connect' service goes along the same line and takes a few minutes longer because it stops 5 times en-route. The 'Express' takes 22 minutes and the 'Connect' takes 27 minutes. The 'Express' costs £21 one way whilst the 'Connect' costs £9.90 one way. So, you save £11.10 - no bad, eh?

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Last Sept when I was there, you could also buy the Connect ticket from the conductor on the train. I'm not sure how, but I somehow missed where to buy the tickets, so if you get to the elevator to go down to the tracks turn around, lol.