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Headed to Highclere Castle: Which departure for train from Paddington Station to Newbury

For a day trip from London, we're going to Highclere Castle on Friday April 27 for their "Garden Secrets" tour, scheduled to start at 10:00 AM with gates opening at 9:30 AM. I plan to reserve a taxi for pick-up from Newbury for the short drive to Highclere.

I'm trying to decide what train to take from Paddington Station that morning. There's an 8:06 departure, no change, that arrives at 9:07 AM. Do you think that allows enough time to comfortably get to Highclere, say by 9:45? Or, would you take one of the earlier trains, even with a change of train? There's a 7:36 departure that arrives at 8:42 AM.

Thanks for any advice and insights!

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In decent road conditions the journey is 15 minutes, so even with some delay that looks reasonable. Although of course nothing is completely certain.

Be aware though that there is engineering work on this line for the previous 4 days when trains do not go further westwards than Theale. Keep, an eye on the schedule for this. The alternative if necessary is a train to Whitchurch from Waterloo.

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Oh, thank you for making me aware of these plans! I'll definitely keep track of this page:

I guess it doesn't make sense to buy tickets this far ahead in case we had to change routes. I'll keep an eye on things during the preceding week while we're in London. For the Waterloo alternative, I saw three "Whitchurch" destinations listed. Is "Whitchurch (Hants) (WCH)" the one you're referring to? About how long would it take for a taxi to drive from the Whitchurch station to Highclere?

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I am going to Highclere as well. I see I need a taxi from the Newbury station to the castle. Can anyone recommend a taxi company?

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If you Google "Newbury UK taxi" you'll get several companies. (I have used them but can't recommend one company over another.) The train station has a taxi stand, but it is probably wise to book ahead so you can be sure to have a car waiting for you when your train arrives.

Also, in case you want lunch or tea before returning to London, know that the Newbury station is right by the high street where there are several restaurants within easy walking distance.