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Harry Potter studio in London

Hello, Everyone.
We will be in London in late July and planning to visit Harry Potter studio in London. What is the best way to visit there? There are some tour company that provide ticket and transportation as a set but it is pricey.
I went to check the Warner Bros. studio website to see the ticket but it seems like all the time slots are in late afternoon like after 4pm.
I was wondering is it better to go with tour company which has ticket to get there in the morning or better to go on our own even though it is cheaper but the time we will be there will be limited to small amount of time than we would hope to spend.
Any insight would be appreciated.


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If the tickets are being sold by Golden Tours (official reseller) I would get the earlier tickets and then you can enjoy the studios without worrying about time. I've been there a couple of times and there's just so much detail and things to look at that you don't want to feel rushed or cheated of the experience.

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I agree with Miranda. I'm not surprised that the regular tickets are in limited supply, since demand is high for them, especially in high tourist season. However I believe the studio tour doesn't close until 10pm; giving you 6 hours if you chose a 4pm entry. That would allow you plenty of time to see everything, plus a short break for a quick meal while there. But if that is too late for members of your party, then going with an early entry with Golden tours would be your best bet.

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There is fast and frequent train service back from Watford Junction station to London Euston until close to midnight, so if you wanted to do the evening tour, leaving as late as the last shuttle bus at 10pm when the Studio closes, it would still work.
But if you need or want to travel earlier in the day then you are now going to have to pay the premium of booking with a tour company.

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Whatever you do - do it fast. Quite surprised you are seeing July tickets at all. You need 3 to 4 hours, higher end if anyone is really into it. There's a lot on the site! And transport back is easy enough by train

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Go ahead and book the later time. Then keep checking the website. If a better time, slot opens up, you can call and have them switch your slot for free. I did this a couple of weeks ago with no issue.

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Kelly'd Rather be traveling, that sounds really good idea, but we are traveling end of July which is summer time. I would like that idea, but just in case what if no morning slots( we need 3) are open up and we end up being in the late afternoon, then that would not be good for us. We travel with kid so better to be back early. But I really like that idea though.

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Buy tickets ASAP! We bought thru Golden tours and it was fine. Entry tickets and transportation to and from. Buy the morning tickets. If you can get morning tickets via the studio website. I would just Uber to and from for convenience. Wouldn’t worry about the train.

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Firstly, it isn’t in London. However there are frequent trains to Watford Junction from Euston taking 20 minutes and then the Studio shuttle picks you up at the Station and returns you. Couldn’t be easier.