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Harry Potter entry times and tips

Advice on entry times in July? I was thinking of 10:30am to avoid peak travel times to get there from Earls Court.

Also, I welcome your advice and suggestions on this visit overall.

Thank you!

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If you want to get out early as you are in the Earls Court area, take the Southern train from West Brompton to Watford Junction and the peak fare is only £4.90. Certain to be crowded though.

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We allowed ourselves 2 hours to get there from South Kensington last June. We got there in plenty of time but we had 12:30pm tickets so weren't dealing with peak hour. We actually waited around the front door of the studio for quite a while before asking someone when we should line up for our timeslot, and they let us in right then. So, always ask someone. :)

The studio is massive and there is so much to see. Take your time and a good camera. And be sure to have the Butterbeer ice cream at the food court. Enjoy! It's one of my fav places in the world and I can't wait to go back later this year.

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Make sure to leave yourselves enough time - it’s massive and so wonderful, you’ll want to spend ages taking it all in. The biggest tip I give folks is to pace yourself such that you aren’t rushed at the end. Arguably the best parts of the whole experience are at the end and you won’t want to feel pressed for time.