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Harry potter

What is fastest way to get to Harry Potter...and how long does it take

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Do you mean the WB Studio tour? If so, we took the train and then the WB provided bus. It took is about 40 minutes.

You have pay for the WB bus ( I want to say 3 pounds per person) and it must be in cash. You also have to show your entrance tickets to get on the bus. Tickets sell out super fast so make sure to book as early as possible

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Thanks. Where did you catch train? Did you buy tickets online?

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Train from Euston station in central London to Watford Junction. No need to buy tickets in advance. The official shuttle bus runs from just outside Watford Junction station. Don't get suckered into getting the slow and expensive shuttle bus service that runs all the way from central London.

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As Philip said, the train leaves from Euston Station. No need for an advance purchase train ticket; just use your Oyster card.

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When I said buy tickets in advance, I meant the Harry Potter tickets not the train tickets. I agree that you do not need to pre-purchase the train tickets. It was amazing, We spent 5 hours there. So well done

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Well worth it for any Harry Potter fans. A well managed and laid out tour. You'll spend at least 3 hours, more if you want to visit the cafe and gift shop.

Important tip: when you catch the train at Euston, don’t catch one with a final destination of Watford Junction as it will be a slow train stopping at every place en route, taking about 50 minutes. Look on the departures board for a train where the first stop is Watford Junction - the final destination may be somewhere like Northampton or Milton Keynes. This will be an express train and take about 20 minutes.

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You have pay for the WB bus ( I want to say 3 pounds per person) and it must be in cash. You also have to show your entrance tickets to get on the bus. Tickets sell out super fast so make sure to book as early as possible.

This! I was there with family in April. Our party of seven had split up intending to meet at the studio. Problem was that my BIL had all 7 tickets. My parents and I arrived at Watford Junction first (my sister and her family ended up on one of those local trains that stop a lot!). The shuttle line attendants were pretty adamant that we were NOT getting on that shuttle bus without tickets. I was able to dig through my work email and find the confirmation that my BIL had sent me when he bought the tickets. Made for a few stressful moments but it all worked out in the end.

The tour itself was a lot of fun - my niece and I took the longest to get through but even my muggle parents enjoyed it.

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Please note from the Harry Potter website:

"London Euston will be closed with no services to or from the station on: 18-19 August 2018, 25-27 August 2018 and 1-2 September 2018."

Hopefully these aren't the dates you are going! If so, you'll need to find an alternate route.

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The information to get there (as already shared) is right here:
At London Euston (and the station workers were very friendly with our questions, so ask if you need to), opt for the direct line to Watford Junction rather than the one that makes stops. You can check train departure times on line before heading out to time yourself a little better. The bus from Watford Junction to the studios is 2.50 pounds round trip and cash only. The buses have Harry Potter decorations on them and cannot be missed, and there are folks directing (and also, almost everyone who gets off the train with you except perhaps for afternoon rush hour is going to the studios so you'll have company). Once you get to the studios, there will be another queue line to get in even if purchased tickets ahead of time, so sit somewhere on the bus where you can get off first or close to it because that line gets long with every bus dump. And please purchase your tickets ahead of time. I would give yourself about 1.5 hours ahead of your ticket entry time to get there. It is a pain to get there (not gonna lie), but it was definitely worth it for us.

Edit: Thank you Emma, and I edited it to correct the error.