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Hampton Court tickets and travel back to London

Does any company sell skip the line tickets to Hampton Court or The Tower of London?
Also, I will be traveling by train to Hampton Court, but I’d like to take the boat back to London. Is it possible to buy tickets for the boat at Hampton Court?
Thanks for your help.

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I haven't sailed from Hampton Court in years but last year when I did the boat from Kew back to Westminster last year we just bought from the kiosk at the boat dock. I suspect they have the same thing there at the Hampton Court Boat dock.

Here is a link to the boat company. Note that it's a 3 hour trip from Hampton Court back to Westminster Pier.

Here's a googlemaps view of the area. It lists a pier on the street version but I don't actually see a pier where they say it is on the satellite view page. The folks at Hampton Court WILL be able to point you to the direction of the dock and give you proper timings.

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Does Hampton Court get much of a line? We were there on a Saturday a couple of years ago and walked right up to the ticket window. But, I know things change.

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With regard to skipping the Tower of London queue, London Walks does a guided tour on certain days that bypasses the main queue.

For Hampton Court, the last time that I visited (a couple of years ago), there was virtually no queue. It is a very large site that doesn’t really have the same crowd management issues that exist at Tower of London. so I doubt you will experience a long queue. You can buy tickets in advance which would save you any wait at the ticket office if you are so inclined:

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We were at Hampton Court several weeks ago on a Saturday and there was no line.

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My tickets say there is no "fast pass" option. I read somewhere else that it doesn't get that crowded because it's so huge. Have a wonderful time!