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Hampton Court Palace and Westminster Abbey tour

Is it possible to take a Berger guided tour of Westminster Abbey with the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Galleries and visit Hampton Court palace. Or is that too much for one day.

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I'm sure that you meant Verger's tour for the Abbey. I think that if you go to the Abbey when it first opens and sign up for the first available Verger tour, you could plan on being done by about 1 pm.

Then it is the time it takes to get to Hampton Court Palace (grabbing a sandwich on the run)- give yourself 1.5 hours to play it safe, and you arrive at Hampton Court Palace about 2:30 PM. It looks like it closes at 5:30, giving you three hours there.

Is it possible. Yes? Will that provide you with enough time at each place, quite possibly. However, only you know what is your travel style and the speed with which you are comfortable. Some people read every sign, look at every nook, and would need more time. Others will grab the audio guide at Hampton Court Palace and find 3 hours just about right.

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You could do both but really need to be in WA at the first opportunity and hot foot it to Hampton Court, with lunch on the go

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We spent almost 6 hours at Hampton Court, plus travel time.

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As Carol detailed it's possible but to me it's not optimal. It also depends on how interested you are in history. For myself I've spend 3/4 a day at Hampton Court including some time in the gardens. Westminster Abbey usually takes me 1/2 a day but again, I'm stopping to look at lots of things.

I'd also look at the cost of these 2 venues. You'll be paying 50+GBP combined for entries and it seems like a lot if you are going to have to rush thru. The Verger tour is an extra 10GBP (and well worth it). I'm NOT saying these venues are not worth the cost. I am just wanting you to consider the time to see both of them.