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Hampton Court/Kew trip

I read from Rick's London book that it might be advisable to do Hampton Court in the AM, Kew Gardens in the PM. Rick went on to say that a taxi from Hampton Court to Kew is about 20 Pounds. If anyone is local do they know if that is indeed the potential cost? Any chance for an Uber between the sites?

Would use an oyster to get from St. James to Hampton and then Kew back to St. James.

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Most importantly do not shorten place names!

Always good advice. I almost made a mistake of getting a bus to Leeds when I really wanted to go to Leeds Castle (in Kent). That would have been a long day!

I agree Uber may or may not be available so plan on a cab.


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If you start out early (Hampton Court Palace opens at 10am) there is no reason why you can't include both in one day (Kew Gardens close at 6.30pm in summer).

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A taxi will be your best option between Hampton Court and Kew. I wondered about doing something similar myself a few weeks ago, but bus or train between the two takes a long time and requires several changes.

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There is more than enough at both places to keep you occupied for more than half a day each. Kew is best if the weather is good (obviously)!

You can use oyster cards. Hampton Court is also part of there 2-4-1 rail offer.