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Gordon Ramsey's Restaurants

My husband and I will be in London next month and we will be meeting up with friends that live in another State. My friend just told me that she would like to go to one of Gordon Ramsey's restaurants. She knows we are on a budget as we are traveling for almost 6 weeks, but she suggested it could be our splurge meal there.

He has a number of restaurants to choose from. They range in price from expensive to more expensive. She's asking for me to tell her which place I would like to go. I'm not sure I'm willing to pay £££ for what some of the reviews describe as not so good meals. I'm sure the prices are higher because his name is attached. I'm wondering if anyone can tell me of their experiences of eating at any of his places.


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Thanks Emma! This is the kind of information I was looking for. I don't care for Ramsey either, and can't stand to watch the TV shows he's on. Maybe the behavior is just for the cameras, but watching someone insult others is not my idea of a good time.

I think that lunch will be the best thing price wise, though I hate for it to cut into site seeing time.

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There is one Gordon Ramsey TV series in which he cooks with his young children. He is sweet and gentle with them as they help with the recipes, so he isn't all bad.

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Many of the high-end restaurants offer a set lunch at a competitive price. I'll second Emma's suggestion to look at the set lunch menus and choose to go at lunch time.

If your friend is open to a non-Ramsay restaurant, I highly recommend "The Ledbury". It was ranked #10 in the world's best restaurant list (if you subscribe to such things). They do a set lunch which is quite reasonable given the very high quality of the food and service. I ate there last year and it was one of my best meals ever and the service was outstanding.

A London restaurant review site that I like is

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For anyone at Heathrow Terminal 5, there's Gordon Ramsey's Plane Food. I don't believe it's been awarded (or is in the running for) any Michelin stars, but compared to most airport food, it's good, and it's not enormously expensive. Nice bathrooms, too.

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I wouldn't patronize a business if I didn't like the owner's ethics and behavior.

There are MANY wonderful restaurants in the UK. Why go to one that will add pounds to a jerk's pockets?

Better to spend the money at something your friends back home will recognize, such as The Ritz!

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@Leslie - I agree with you. The thought of going to one of his restaurants never crossed my mind. It's my friend that wants to go. When you travel with others there has to be some compromise. I've told her that in order for us to go it will need to be for lunch. She's fine with that. I'm willing to put my principles aside to make her happy. She and her husband are taking us to the Ritz on our anniversary, which is more than generous.