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Good people to ask visa questions?

Hello, I'm going to need a work visa for the UK soon, and I'm wondering if anyone knows of a good organization that handles people's questions about visas for free? I know of Travisa, but are there any others? Thank you!

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I'd start with the horse's mouth - the British Consulate General.

If you are in Carrollton near Dallas, the nearest is in Houston.

Wells Fargo Plaza
1000 Louisiana Suite 1900
Houston, TX 77002
(713) 659.6270

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Your previous thread two years ago was on a similar tack....

Did you have success then? Can you use the experience you had in 2013 getting a British Visa this time around?

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Thank you for the response, Nigel. I tried calling the British Consulate in New York, but they said they wouldn't answer any questions about visas and to look at the UK Border Agency site, which I've already done. I'm in Ohio, by the way.

I was able to get a visa in 2013, it's just that I have more complicated questions this time, and Travisa doesn't seem able to answer them.

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Do you mean by work visa, A. " I am going to show up in the UK and hope to get work" or do you mean B. "A company in the UK hired me and I need a visa"?

The answer is for A...Good luck, not going to happen. The answer for B is the company that hired you needs to be involved in the process, contact them. (If they were unaware that you were not eligible to work in the UK, then go back to "A" likely)

I guess I will edit my comments in that you do not mention what type of work you are doing. There are alternative visas for artists, entertainers, sports people, clergy, charity, and govt. people among others, but most do not fall into those categories. You may also have one of a number of other odd UK visa options, but many of those allow an extended stay, but not work. Start with Gov.UK and go from there.