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Going through customs in Heathrow


I’m wondering if anyone could give me a approximate time it might take me and 3 teens to exit Heathrow customs/security and get to trains leaving Heathrow off peak hours
Just a guess would help.

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we just arrived in London yesterday and it took us about 30-45 mins max to pass through customs and security. It was very simple. Hope this helps

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Just before COVID, it took us ten minutes. We used their scanners for our US passports. We usually arrive at Terminal 5. Customs is just walking by Nothing to Declare.

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Hopefully, this article is of some help.

Are you leaving Heathrow to get into London?

Or are you referring to leaving Heathrow to get a train going elsewhere?

Customs is about declaring goods you purchased while in the UK.

If you are referring to your plane’s arrival at Heathrow and then wanting to board a train going elsewhere…. Thats immigration where agents check your passport.

Time is dependent on how many planes arrive at the same time and how many agents are on duty.

Over the years have gotten through Immigration in 20 minutes and 2 hours.

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We exited from Terminal 5. I did find that the volume at the airport and in general in the city itself lower. The airport definitely lower than before.

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No one can tell. I went through two weeks ago in about 30 minutes. A few days ago, someone I know said it took an hour.

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I arrived at Heathrow terminal 2 yesterday-Friday—at 7 am. Made a bee-line to border control and it was jam packed with people…in line at 7:15, out at 8:25. The automated e-gate seems to not work reliably for many, including me. I have a renewed passport with a photo that actually is a great representation of me but despite trying 2 different kiosks had to get in a separate line for desk 36, which meant being reviewed by an actual person. That added 15 minutes. My last trip to London in Sept 2019 I arrived at the same time and the e-gate took 15 minutes.