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Gluten Free Options in London

6 nights in London after Christmas. My wife has celiac disease and must eat gluten free. Looking for celiac-friendly restaurants and pubs. Thank you, WR in NC

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I would say many restaurants and pubs in London are friendly to gluten-free diners. Celiac disease is well known there. Menus have indicators (symbols) which designate which dishes are OK. I have no trouble finding good choices.

However, I do not seek gluten-free versions of dishes that traditionally use wheat flour, such as fish and chips, pizza, pasta, etc.

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You'll have no problems whatsoever. I can't think of any pub or restaurant that is not able to make provisions for those who cannot or do not consume gluten, if they can't then they're probably not worth eating at in the first place.

Most menus will highlight whether a dish is gluten free or not and most staff will be able to advise and offer suggestions.

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Thanks for the replies. We just returned from our trip, and had no problems. Sharing what we found:

Niche and Indigo (at One Aldwych) - both are completely GF. Recommend the turkey pie at Niche. Indigo was very good but expensive. Also found Station 26, Leggero, and Ardiciocco - but did not get to those.

Another good find is the Cote Brasserie chain - they have an excellent GF menu and prices are very reasonable. They also offer early bird specials if you dine before 7 PM.

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Appreciate that you took the time to let us know you were able to enjoy gluten free options.
Trust you had a lovely holiday as well.
Happy New Year!