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Global Entry at Heathrow

If anyone has traveled from US to Heathrow,London and have Global Entry:

Are US travelers allowed to go through Global Entry at this time?

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Global entry is only for entry into the US. You can’t use it for entering the UK or exiting the UK or for exiting the US other than TSA precheck to get through security faster when departing on your way to Heathrow

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I used in pre-COVID all the time. Is this a new rule since COVID?

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There has been an expedited line for business/first class passengers from the U.S. and I do remember years ago getting an offer for what I think was the Registered Traveller Program, but it was for those who flew to the U.K frequently in a year. We didn’t qualify so we didn’t pursue it. None of which answers your question, but trying to clarify what you’re looking for.

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Global Entry is ONLY for entry into the USA.

For entry into the UK, Americans--all American passport holders-- can use the electronic gates to enter the UK. It has nothing to do with Global Entry.

I had Registered Traveler for a couple of years and that allowed me to use the e-gates. But it's no longer available to Americans because it is not necessary.

I entered the UK two weeks ago and nothing had changed since pre-pandemic days in terms of immigration.

It's also fun watching Americans run around Heathrow looking for TSA Precheck and getting angry when told it's not available there.

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I learned I was using the incorrect terminology.

We are a part of the GE program but us EGates when traveling to UK. EGates is what I meant and thank you for all your responses!