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Getting to Salisbury

We will be in London and Paris in late May, early June, and I feel like we have the most basic parts of our plan. We have flights, train tickets to Paris, and places to stay in both cities.

There are five of us, my husband and I, my 76 year old mom, our 13 year old daughter and 16 year old son. This will be the first trip for three of us. (My mom and I went to England about 30 years ago so no relevant input there!)

One thing we did early on was book a sunset Stonehenge tour with a private guide. We had planned to meet the guide in Salisbury at noon and then travel with him/her until our sunset tour.

Should we take the train? Is there another easier or better option? I'm okay with spending money for convenience.

Thanks so much for any help you can give!

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If your starting point is London and your destination is Salisbury take the train.

If you want to spend money take a cab from your hotel to the train station.

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Yes, take the train. Go early and see the cathedral. If you can, book a tour to go up the spire! Check the cathedral website for details.

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If memory serves, it's a longish walk from the station to Salisbury city center. If your guide isn't meeting you with a car at the train, grab a cab.

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Yes, I would take the train from London to Salisbury. Trains from London's Waterloo Station run twice per hour through a good portion of the day.

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I've been to Salisbury several times and it doesn't really feel like a long walk from the train station to City Center to me - pulling a small rolling suitcase. I'd guess it's less than 10 minutes without luggage, maybe a bit longer for your Mom if she is not a fast walker. I would get train tickets in advance as they are cheaper. Are you spending the night?

I also agree to get there a bit earlier and take the time to see the Cathedral and their Magna Carta. The walk from the train station takes you by the water meadows that Constable painted. The views from his paintings are further off the road you will be walking but the part you will see is very pretty as well.

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Mrs EB, didn't you love the signs along there showing the Constable View. So neat! I hadn't done that whole loop walk from the Cathedral, out the far side of the Close, along the road and over the bridge, then back thru the playing fields to the water meadows until last fall. Had my iPad and stopped to enjoy the view, sunshine and read a the locals, lol! Sweet!

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Thank you all so much for your help! It sounds like the train is the way to go. I am all for being frugal but anything we can do to make the trip easier for my mom is definitely a consideration.

We had planned to arrive early to see the Magna Carta and the cathedral. It sounds like it will be a great, but long, day!

We have rented a condo near King's Cross station so we will be traveling back to London that evening. I think we will plan for an easy, early night on the day before and sleep in the morning following our Stonehenge day.

Once I get a chance, I will post our tentative plans and ask for input. Reading a guidebook is always helpful but it is so nice to do a reality check of plans with people who have been there.

Thanks again for your help!