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Getting to Harry Potter from Waterloo Station?

Thank you! Going to Harry Potter tomorrow and would like some advice on how to get there from Waterloo station.


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Take the tube Northern Line from Waterloo to Euston. Switch to train to Watford Junction. Train takes about 20 minutes and you can pay with your Oyster card. There will be station attendants on the platform to ask. At Watford Junction look for the big bus painted with Harry Potter pictures and buy a RT ticket. Bus takes maybe 15 minutes. It's easy!

Agree with tube from Waterloo to Euston.

When you get upstairs to the Euston main train station, make sure you get a fast train to Watford Junction. Don’t choose one that has a final destination of Watford Junction, as they stop at about eleventy billion stops en route and take 40 minutes.

Instead look at the overhead boards for a longer-distance train to somewhere like Milton Keynes Central, Tring, Northampton, or even Liverpool, and check to see if Watford Junction is on the list of stops. You’ll find that it’s usually the first or second stop, and the journey time should be 15-20 minutes.

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How have you been paying for you travel within London?

Off-Peak return (round trip) from Euston to Watford Junction is £11.90.

You’d still need to pay for the Waterloo to Euston tube ride. It’s years since I used anything except Oyster or a Contactless bank card, though, so I have no idea what that costs. I believe it’s more expensive to buy a ticket than it is to use Oyster.

Incidentally if you had an Oyster card, you could put cash on it and use it all the way to Watford Junction and back, I believe.

It’s one of London’s major rail terminals, with a tube station underneath - both are called Euston.

Euston Square is a tube-only Station, a few hundred yards away. You don’t need this one.

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Euston is one of London's big terminus stations. It handles long distance trains to Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow. It also handles commuter trains, slow ones going "all stops" to Watford Junction, and intermediate speed ones where Watford Junction is the first or second stop, as "This person" explained.

The tube station under Euston station is also called Euston. It is served by the Northern line (both branches) and the Victoria Line.
Euston Square is a different station, in the street outside the station, 3 minutes walk away and serving different lines.
As the Northern line runs from Waterloo, Euston station is the one to go to.
You can see this on the tube map here:

This map of all rail lines in London shows Watford Junction at the top (square C1):

It wil be a lot easier, and a lot cheaper, if you buy an Oytser card for your transport in London. It is valid out to Watford Junction. With an Oyster Card you do not need to buy a ticket every time, and trips will cost a lot less than buying individual tickets.
With an Oyster Card, Waterloo to Watford Junction costs £10.20 peak hours (Monday to Friday from 0630 to 0930 and from 1600 to 1900), off peak £7.40.
If you buy a ticket, Waterloo to Watford Junction costs £13.50.

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How did the trip go, and how did you like the studio tour?

Did you get an Oyster card?