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Getting through Passport Control at Heathrow

I am flying from the US to Heathrow arriving at 6;45 am Thursday morning May 30th either in T3. I realize this could be a busy time. I will not have checked bags. I'm trying to guesstimate the time it will take to get through Passport Control and to the Central Bus Station. I am on my way to Cambridge. The bus ticket I have is flexible, but I want to book a tour in Cambridge that same day and want to make sure I can make it with some time to spare.

You all have been so helpful with all my questions about this trip.

Thanks in advance.

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I think you mean passport control - customs you just walk though unless you have something to declare. Passport control I find is typically five minutes or so, given you're using the egates. I think the longest I've ever waited was 15 mins, and that was unusual. I usually arrive about 6.30am, so similar time to you. I haven't been to the bus terminal, but my recollection is it's above the tube station,.and that probably a 10 min walk from T2.

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With any luck (which means that they are operational), you will be able to use the e-gates
to get through passport check, which would greatly reduce your waiting time.

But there are other factors in play, such as your plane being delayed, and strikes in the
UK which seems to be a fact of life these days.

If everything works, I'd hazard a guess you would be at the bus station by around 8:00.

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I agree with the above. I arrived at LHR on March 19 around 7 am, and after picking up my checked bag and going through passport control, I was out the door and headed to the Underground station by around 8:15 am.

But as others have said, there can be other factors to delay you, so I would make sure the tour you book is refundable (or at least can be used for another day).