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Getting ready for another visit to England

It's time for another trip to my ancestral home. Here's my itinerary in Sept. 2020: Heathrow to Oxford to Cotswolds to Leominster (Dilwyn, family home dating back to 1300), to Lake District (Penrith) to Nottingham to Cambridge to Heathrow. Planning to travel two weeks or so, by train, bus, whatever works for me. Car is out - not ready for suicide yet.

Any opinions?

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I had to look up Dilwyn, it's Herefordshire, small village population 711. Nearest stations Leominster (11 Km) or Hereford (22 Km). Unlikely to have a bus service (maybe 1-3 per day is typical). You will need a car or a deep pocket for taxi fares to get there.
"another trip to my ancestral home" - have you been there before?

Otherwise most of your trip is mostly train-friendly:

  • Heathrow - Oxford. Either train into London Paddington and another out again to Oxford; or there is a good coach service (limited stop bus) from Heathrow to Oxford.
  • Cotswolds. This is a rural area that really needs a car to explore, or a tour group with transport provided.
  • Dilwyn, as above, you are venturing into as rural and public transport-free as you can get in England.
  • Penrith does have a station. It is however not in the Lake District, but rather just outside the edge. You need some other transport (rented car, tour group) to see the Lake District.
  • Penrith - Nottingham - Cambridge - Heathrow. All good train routes. Cambridge - Heathrow includes crossing London by tube, alternatively there are direct coaches from Cambridge to Heathrow.
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Thank you for such a quick response. My family heritage is all British Isles: Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England. I've been to Ireland, Scotland and England (London, York, Liverpool) more than once. However, I've never been to Wales. Maybe I should skirt around the Cotswolds (been there on a day trip by mini-van - also Stonehenge, Avebury, Bath and Stratford.) and go to Wales. What do you think? Dilwyn does have a bus from Leominster - needs more research. I've written to their Facebook messenger about my plans. Also what area do you recommend for the Lake District - never been there; it's on my list for sure. Kathleen

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There's a rail station in Moreton-in-Marsh in the Cotswolds. It's sort of a bus hub, I think, but I'm sure service is infrequent. It would be difficult to see very many Cotswold villages in a short time if you were depending on buses.

There are one-day van tours of the Cotswolds originating in Moreton-in-Marsh (GoCotswolds and Secret Cottage) and in Bath (Mad Max). There are others; those are just the ones I remember the names of. It is possible to stay in Oxford, hop on a train in the morning and take one of the tours originating in Moreton. It's not a long train ride from Oxford to Moreton.