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Getaway trip from London

Any suggestions for an overnight stay /getaway outside of London in early December weather?

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Joe32F, I just laughed out loud and woke my dog. I had just read your response on the other post.

Csgonzales, what do you want to do or see?
I’m personally not afraid of the weather, I’ve traveled a decent amount in winter months there and just made sure that what I wanted to see was open. Christmas markets may be going on if that’s something you’re interested in.

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Trying to veer away from the typical touristy spots and would like to see where locals go for a weekend getaway -local christmas markets/venues - that sounds interesting too..thoughts on Conwy?

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Christmas markets are not a British tradition, they're a German tradition and the UK ones are mostly generic tat.

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I wouldn’t head all the way to Conwy just for one night - it’s not on a direct train route. Other than the Castle, there isn’t much to see and it could be miserable in December.

Christmas markets aren’t a big thing here compared with Germany, as has already been stated. There is one on the South Bank in London, selling mostly tat. There’s another in Birmingham, but I wouldn’t head there just for that.

At that time of year, I would opt for York or Chester. Enough history and indoor activities to keep you occupied.

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would like to see where locals go for a weekend getaway

Usually somewhere in Europe.

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Hi from Wisconsin,
We did an overnight to Canterbury. A short train ride or bus, from London. If you book early enough you can stay at the cathedral hotel in side the cathedral close. It was a good price and a very nice breakfast. Plus you inside the close (walled area) of the cathedral so you can enter the cathedral as you wish.

wayne iNWI

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York, Chester, Canterbury all good ideas. Also Oxford or Cambridge. Windsor could be a day trip but also a nice easy overnight. Salisbury for the cathedral, plus Stonehenge if the weather makes it doable. Winchester for another cathedral. Portsmouth for the naval museum.

Though Conwy is close to Chester it's not a great choice in winter weather, as Emma noted (BTW, though she doesn't work for the tourist board, she has mentioned in other posts that she grew up in Chester. Notwithstanding, her recommendations are spot on.)

Mousehole and other destinations way out west take a long time to reach, I think it's about five hours by train to Penzance. And, as with a lot of other places not recommended here, much of the best sightseeing involves being outdoors.