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Gatwick to Victoria Station and back

On our upcoming trip, we are needing to travel from Gatwick to the Victoria Station area and are looking at options. I've taken the Gatwick Express, but find it pricey. I'm thinking of taking the bus, just so I can try another experience and save some money. Anyone else use this mode of transport, or is there some other way I should consider. Only going to have carry-on luggage (backpack), so mobility is no issue.

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We took the regular train from Gatwick to Victoria... if they still run them it was a lot less. As for the bus...don't know but probably takes a lot longer unless it is also an express. My experience with buses is that you can waste half a day.

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On most days the Southern route between Gatwick and Victoria is over the same or very similar tracks, the difference being that the Southern is a commuter railway with railway cars more suited to commuters - lots of standing room, lots of commuters, even during the mid day period and at weekends, 3 + 2 or 2+2 seating if you can get a seat, and just about as fast on the fast trains, just calling once - at East Croydon - or twice, East Croydon and Clapham Junction, or 3 times, East Croydon, Clapham Junction and somewhere else, and they arrive somewhere in the left hand side of the station looking from the airport towards London (far right hand side looking from the tube station exit towards the Big Board departure board).

Gatwick Express are non stop and therefor 5 to 10 minutes faster, most (but not all, especially at rush hour) originate at Gatwick and terminate at Gatwick so there is no rush to get on or off and no (or very few) commuters in the seats, the announcements are in multiple (I think 6) languages, the seating is all 2+2 in standard or first class on pretty comfortable seats, the fleet will be replaced next year with even faster and more modern trains, the trains have dedicated platforms at Victoria near the area used for the Southern trains from the same area but clearly marked, there are train hosts passing through the train, and for that they charge a bit more.

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Some Gatwick Express trains originate in Brighton rather than at Gatwick hence can be more crowded especially in rush hour.

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The coach itself is fine but the problem will be the traffic which can really slow it down. Also be aware that Victoria Coach station is a five minute or so walk from Victoria railway and tube station.

I don't see a problem getting the scheduled train, as opposed to the Express, with carry-on luggage. I might reconsider if I was coming into London in the morning rush hour (7-9.30) when the trains will be especially packed.