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Gatwick Airport

We will be arriving at Gatwick Airport on the 26th of March from the U.S. at 1:30pm. We will have a 20 hour lay over with our next flight at 10am on the 27th of March for our destination Madrid. There are three adults. I understand there is not much to do in Gatwick and may venture into central London taking the 1:15hr bus ride, but given the logistics it may not be possible as we have to be at the airport by 6am the next day and we don't know our way around easily. Anyway, we will be arriving and departing from the south terminal of Gatwick. Are there any recommendations for a hotel that is of moderate price near the south terminal of the Gatwick airport for the night of the 26th of March?

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Someone asked the same question earlier this month with several suggestions. Just scroll down until you find the same question. Good luck.

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The Yotel is in the south terminal.

You pay for the room by the you arrive, see if you can leave your luggage at the Yotel for future check in. If not, leave it at Left Luggage in the South Terminal.. (They are only open from 7 am-11PM so make note of that.)

Take the Gatwick Express into London (costs a bit more but only takes 30 minutes.) Buy a discounted roundtrip ticket. Go into London and have a good time.

When you are ready to go back, take the Gatwick Express back (the train station is also in the South Terminal), and check in to the Yotel at that time. No reason to pay for hours you'll be in London. (Just make your reservation for the hours you want to sleep.)

Not sure if the Yotel can sleep three in one room.

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You wrote: "we don't know our way around easily".
Do buy a good map of London before you leave the U.S.
You may want to take a hop-on-hop-off bus ride that goes by all the major sights in London.
It will give you just a quick look around.

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Both Yotel and Bloc hotels are in the terminal. Check your dates at for price and reviews. You will need 2 rooms as the rooms are tiny and often with no windows. There are many more traditional hotels around the airport perimeter and B&Bs in Horley but all involve shuttle service to the airport.
Once you drop off your luggage, buy an off peak return train ticket to Central London ( station is adjacent to the terminal ). You could take the Gatwick Express or Thameslink. Both will get you into Central London ( check nationalrail website for times and fares )
There is an tourist information centre in the terminal which should provide you with a tourist map of London.

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The two ends of the spectrum are available at the North Terminal - at the top of the pile is the Sofitel, a premier Accor hotel, which I have used several times very happily, and at close to the bottom of the pile (although the bottom keeps growing below it) is a Premier Inn.

The Sofitel is directly linked by a weatherproof and heated link to the terminal, and the Premier Inn is just a couple of dozen steps from the terminal door. It has a much lower priced breakfast than the Sofitel which I have used at 5am before and been very happy with.

I haven't yet stayed at that Premier Inn but I have at others and would happily stay there, perhaps the next time I need a Gatwick hotel.

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The Corner House Hotel in Horley, five minutes from the airport. They will pick you up from the hotel and take you back to the airport. There is a train station a ten walk from the hotel, easy to walk to, hop on a train into London for a few hours then back to Horley.