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From Russel Square to Heathrow

My wife and I shall go to London and stay not far from Russell Square. We are seniors, and shall have 2 bags and 2 carry-ons. Our return flight from Heathrow, Terminal 5 is scheduled to 10:30 AM on Sunday, September 30. I understand we must be at Terminal 5 no later, than 7:30 AM. How do I schedule the taxi to get there - 6:30 AM? Or 5:30 AM due to possible traffic problems? Do they have traffic jams on Sunday?

I will not use the Tube because we have luggage.

Thank you.

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Are you staying at a hotel? B and B? If yes email them that you want them to arrange either a taxi or car hire ( mini cab ) for an early morning trip to Heathrow. I love Black Cabs although they can be costly but the drivers know all the ins and out on how to get there in a timely fashion. Leave at 6:30am or 6am if you are anxious. Youll be at Heathrow in no time.

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I understand we must be at Terminal 5 no later, than 7:30 AM.

In general, this is not correct. The guideline given by the airport is that you should aim to be there three hours in advance of a long-haul flight. But if you're delayed and don't get there until two or two and a half hours before, you will almost certainly still be fine. British Airways, for example, allows you to check in as late as 60 minutes prior to your departure time. I strongly recommend against cutting it quite that close, but it does mean that you don't need to leave so early that you'll still get there by 7:29 even in the face of every possible delay.

Unless there's some event on the morning of September 30 that's expected to cause unusual traffic congestion, I'd say leaving at 6:30 AM should give you plenty of time.

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I wouldn't be blindly trusting in asking my hotel or B&B to arrange a cab to Heathrow for me. I'd ask some questions. I've been burned; fortunately not on as big a trip as from Bloomsbury to Heathrow, but enough to remember for a long time.

A few years ago I had a very good week-long stay in a small family-run hotel in Bloomsbury. On my last day I had to get to Paddington for a train and they kindly offered to call a taxi for me.

It turned out to be not a black cab, but a guy in a regular car. He was rude and unhelpful with my bags, even grouchy about opening the trunk of his sedan for me to put my bag into it. (London's regular black cabs are vehicles with space in the passenger compartment for bags; that sedan didn't have that kind of space, just a regular back seat in a small sedan.)

At the end of the ride I paid him a lot more than I'd paid for my taxi ride to the hotel from Paddington. My ride to the hotel had been in a black cab that I'd boarded in the taxi rank at the station. I don't know if the guy my hotel called for me was a licensed minicab operator, or just some random friend or relative of the hotel folks. I am certain that they got a commission on that "taxi" ride.

Here's some info from Transport for London about taxi and car services:

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If you ask a hotel they will mostly arrange for a minicab (personal hire vehicle) rather than a taxi, especially if not specifically described. The rule is in London at any rate that these cannot run a taximeter to calculate a fare, so you have to agree it beforehand - don't forget to do so. This kind of nonsense doesn't happen outside of London, for shortish trips anyway

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Do they have traffic jams on Sunday?

I suspect if there is an accident blocking a major thoroughfare....

How do I schedule the taxi to get there

Get rate quotes from both Simply Airports and Just Airports. Both are great then book online.

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How about Uber? If not, the two companies Continental mentioned are the best known.