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From Heathrow to Premier Inn County Hall

We are planning to take the tube upon arrival from US and wondered where would be best place to change trains with luggage. We each will have a 21 inch bag with wheels. I also wondered if it would be best to go to Waterloo station (which would mean changing at Green Park) or change earlier and go to Westminister and walk across the bridge.

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I would go to Waterloo Station. It will be closer and not involve the crowded bridge with luggage.

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Hi Beth

We did this trip three weeks ago. Take the tube to Green Park and connect there for Waterloo. PI County Hall is a short walk from the station. Dave

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We’re here right now and arrived from Heathrow via because I’ve made the mistake of dragging luggage into the tube. That’s not a pleasant thing to all. Either take a taxi from Heathrow, a private transfer service, or take the HEX all the way to Paddington and then a taxi from there.

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This is all very helpful. I had not taken into account the reality of a crowded bridge and luggage so will go to Waterloo. Thanks for the helpful hints Emma as to how to do this most efficiently.

Does anyone know which exit to take out of Waterloo station? I am sure we can figure it out but trying to do as little thinking after international flight.

And yes, a taxi would be easier but I like to manage on public transportation.

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Beth if your husband’s knee is acting up when you arrive perhaps a taxi ride would be a comfortable fun ride into London directly to your hotel. ( I saw your other post this AM with this new development).