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Flights vs Rail from London to Geneva

I would appreciate any feedback from travelers that have flown EasyJet out of London. Husband, 14 year old grandson and I will be vacationing in London, June 2018, and plan to visit Switzerland also. We have been to Europe several times and have always enjoyed using the trains but have never used intra-European flights. I believe we can get a non-stop flight from London to Geneva which would not only be a significant monetary savings over rail travel, but time, as well. I have read the RS cautions of discount airlines but would like to hear from someone that has actually used them.

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I've flown Easy Jet several times over last 3 years. No problems so far. Like all other airlines you read and comply with the rules and you will not have problems. Considering that non-discount airlines have adopted the practices of discount airlines for example charging to check a bag and choose a seat, Easy Jet is not really a discount airline. The earlier you book the lower the fares. Moreover I would not take the train from London to Geneva.

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I took EasyJet from Jersey (Channel Islands) to London-Luton this summer. No problems whatsoever. Just be sure you go all the way through the ticket-purchase process (short of providing your credit card number) and follow any links so you know the extra charge for a checked bag, for seat selection, etc.

They’ll be very strict on bag size, and cabin-size might be smaller than on a transatlantic flight.

Also be aware that even though it’s an intra-Europe flight it is still an international flight so make sure you follow the advice about check-in time. They are very strict on the check-in cut-off Point.

Millions of Europeans use these flights. You’ll be fine.

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Sorry, but any advice being wary of "discount" airlines, (which is mostly a misdescription anyway) is poor advice! You just have to be aware when booking of the cost of checking in any luggage and any weight restrictions. Each airline's website is very clear on this issue.

All airlines have size limitations on hand luggage, both "discount" and otherwise and you must abide by these rules. Most airlines charge for checking in luggage within Europe. . Easyjet is more lenient than say Ryanair or Norwegian as they don't have any weight restrictions on hand luggage.

I use Easyjet as my preferred airline in Europe, as their flights are generally on time and their pricing is good, so long as you book well in advance and avoid travelling during summer holidays (when every airline charges much more).

Flights for June are already available, so book asap for the best value. I have just returned to the UK from the Canary Islands and paid less than £90 return on Easyjet, having booked this last December. A week before travel, the outward bound flight alone had risen to over £250 per person and later that week, Easyjet's flights were over £600 for the outward flight as it was then school holidays - hardly "discount!"

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You can also fly with Easyjet London (Assorted airports) to Zürich and Basel. Depending on where in Switzerland you are heading for this may be more convenient.

Nothing wrong with Easyjet. They get you from A to B.

  • If you are taking cabin baggage make sure you include it when you buy the tickets, it costs a lot more at the check-in.
  • Print out your own boarding cards, you can do this 30 days in advance,
  • The one piece of cabin luggage rule is strict.
  • Make sure you arrive at the airport in time, there is no leaway in their minimum check-in time.

One big disadvantage with the train is you have to cross Paris from Gare du Nord to Gare de Lyon.

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Worth looking at other flights too for comparison, such as BA/Swiss out of Heathrow and Swiss from London City. The last can be very competitive particularly at the weekend taking into account the lower cost and time getting to the airport.

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We have used easyJet a number of times in Europe. Like them a lot. Always our first choice. Compare them in many ways to Southwest. Just follow their rules. I think we have always flown on a 737, or A319,320s. Space is tight but adequate. There is no check-in counter, just luggage check, so you have to check-in online.