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Flight from London to Berlin...Easyjet through Gatwick, or Ryanair through Stansted?

We are trying to decide what airline to use to fly to Berlin from London. I noticed EasyJet and Ryanair fly out of different airports. Which one is more convenient to fly out of if we are staying in the Kensington area in London? Are they both easily accessible using the tube, or how would we get there?
Thank you!

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I personally prefer EasyJet over Ryanair, Stansted is accessible by bus from the National Bus terminal or by train via Kings Cross. Personally don't think it would make much difference. Gatwich probably is little easier to get to but it is a larger airport. I thought EJet flew out of Stansted also.

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I like easy Jet but whichever airline has the better price go with that.

Use google maps to plan out your journey to the airports.
You enter the exact point where you are leaving from in London and then the point where you what to arrive at it will show you all your options.

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Airline is not as important as departure time and cost. If they are very early flights you may need to stay at an airport hotel.

For Gatwick trains start at Victoria. For Stansted you can get a train from Liverpool Street or Tottenham Hale.

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easyJet is my preferred budget airline in Europe, and I use them whenever possible so that's the one I would recommend. I haven't checked but if you use an easyJet flight from LGW, it's very easy to get to the airport from London Victoria using the Gatwick Express.

If you decide to use easyJet, the experience will be easier if you pay or a few of the perks like Speedy Boarding. Be sure to read their "Terms & Conditons" carefully, especially regarding luggage.

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As said, Easyjet are the better budget airline, I would never travel on Ryanair for reasons I won't go into on this forum.

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A year ago, we flew from Bristol to Alicante in Spain. We went out on Ryanair and came back on EasyJet. The cost of the flights was virtually the same, once we had paid for baggage and other preferences. Service on both flights was good, they were both reasonably on time, and the only noticeable differnce was that the Ryanair flight had a Spanish crew, while the EasyJet flight had a British crew.

We made our choice just on the convenience of the flight times. It was our first time with Ryanair, and we were quitre happy with it. My advice would be to look closely at the flight times, and take the journey to the airport into account. Are you a worrier? Which plan will be you be most comfortable with?

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Don't use Google Maps to plan your journey. (It's good if you are driving.)

Getting to the airport is not difficult. Gatwick Express for Gatwick, Stansted Express for Stansted and the Luton Airport website for information on traveling to Luton.

However......have you looked at flights out of Heathrow since you are staying in Kensington. It's the easiest one to get to from that area. And with an Oyster card the fare is only 3.40 GBP. (Don't forget to add the cost of transportation from London to the airports in your total cost calculations)

Use Google Flights to see what is available and the fares.

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I think I would also look at flights heading out of Heathrow. Sometimes by the time you add up the cost of luggage, assigned seating etc, and the fact that you have to travel further to get to the other London Airports, I would just pay a little more and take a British airways flight (they can be fairly competitive on certain routes to Europe). If it is a lot more money to do this, then my second choice would be Gatwick from London. Stansted is just that much further away. I have flown on Ryan Air into Stansted from Ireland and have not had a problem - but do watch the fine print and baggage restrictions if you end up doing this. Stansted also use to be a small quiet airport - but its pretty busy these days - so you would still need to give yourself the time to get through the airport. Stansted is still doable from London - but would be my third option from where you are staying.

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I would pick Easyjet over Ryanair every time. Even allowing for checked in baggage, I have never found BA to be financially competitive and I would avoid using Heathow if possible as it's too busy.

If Southern Rail aren't on strike, take their service rather than the Gatwick Express. If you have a very early morning flight, a taxi would be the only option (and expensive).

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Last summer we flew from London to Berlin round trip on British Airways. It was the easiest airport for us to get to from our west London location and the flight was similar in cost to the budget airlines. We also knew we wouldn't have any luggage issues with BA since I wanted to shop for more down bedding items in Berlin.

Don't rule out a legacy airline. Compare cost and departure times on or then buy directly from the airline. Add the extra costs, if any into your budget airlines before making your final choice.

EDIT: we also got FF miles on AA from our BA flight but that didn't influence our decision. The factors mentioned above made the BA flight a good choice for us.

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Eurowings is Lufthansa wearing a different wrapper.