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First time in London

Traveling to London in early June. Wondering if the weather is still very cool and will heavy coats be needed, as I get cold easily.
Also wondering if there are any recommendation as to "must see sights" other than the most popular tourist sights.

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Average max daytime temp for London in June is 21°C (70°F), minimum nighttime 12°C (54°F). The maximum recorded temperature in June is 35°C (95°F).

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Since it will be early June, Marco's month-average temperatures would be on the high side. No heavy coat, but a waterproof (breatheable like Gore-Tex if possible) jacket or shell, plus a sweater or fleece jacket, ought to be enough. I always stick a wool watch cap in my bag as cheap cold insurance (25% of body heat is lost through the head), seldom use it except in winter or early spring mornings.

Everyone will have their own ideas about "must sees" apart from the most popular sights. If you want to share something about your interests you'll get more useful responses. I'd suggest looking through a few guidebooks (from the library) to see what interests you most. The Michelin Green Guides are pretty comprehensive, more so the legendary "Blue Guides" which you probably won't find in a library. The DK series are beautifully illustrated. Lonely Planet has a lot of info. The Rick Steves guides are excellent, especially for practicalities of travel, but less comprehensive as far as sights. You may want to see some of the most popular sights, but popularity doesn't have to drive your choices. It's your trip, after all!

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@ kathy,

> " I get cold easily."

Cold is relative and many people forget this. Since youre from Austin, i will go out on a limb and say that you are ACCLIMATED to warmer weather. Whats warm or cold? At what temperatures will you put on a coat/jacket/sweater/sweatshirt in Austin?

An example of this was when i was in Hawaii in a January. It was raining and 70 F outside. I was in shorts & tee shirt and like a wet cat. For me it was like a warm shower but for the locals, they had their parkers on and were looking at me like i was from mars.

You can google average daily temperatures for London for certain months, but its only an average and unfortunately mother nature doesnt get those reports nor does she follow them.

If youre one of those that are unhappy when cold, i would bring some "warmer" clothing. Maybe something you can layer. Or if you want to, go without and use that excuse to buy some new European clothing and every time you wear it, it will hopefully bring back great memories.

happy trails.

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Yes I missed the specifics of early June so you can drop a couple of degrees off the averages above.

There is also the so called 'European Monsoon', an ill defined
phenomenon which indicates a tendency to westerlies and hence wetter weather in the first weeks in June. However, like most British weather phenomena it is not a year in year out reliable feature; the rain is no more intense than usual, and the usual jacket / umbrella combo can cope.

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Although I've not traveled to London in the Summer months was there in May of 2012. Still took my Patagonia water repellant coat and happy I did. Even though we experienced lovely sunshine the majority of the time, there was a day of torrential rain. If you are fearful of being chilled might I suggest by a Land's End Therma Check 100 pullover or jacket. Light as can be but wonderful to ward of any chill. As far as "must sees" I'd include visits to the Museum of London and The British Library. I've found the Museum of London a wonderful spot for first time visitors as it does an excellent job in providing the background of London's evolution.
In the British Library is the Sir John C. Ritblatt Room, The Treasure Room.
I'd also spend time in Regent's Park, visit Camden Lock, stroll about the Leadenhall Market and have a pint and or dinner at The Blackfriar's Pub. Have fun.

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Hi Kathy,

We lived in London for a year; and night after night we'd listen to the weather forecast and just laugh. Essentially, there was a chance of a little of everything. Well, maybe not snow in early June . . . My suggestion is that a thin wool cardigan or fleece vest under a water-repellant outer layer should cover most possibilities of bad weather. If it were to get really cold, you can buy wool sweaters in the shops year-round.

I don't remember if anyone mentioned the Victoria and Albert Museum, but it's one of my favorites. I'd also recommend doing a boat ride on the Thames, either up to Hampton Court Palace or down to Greenwich, for a view of the city that you can't get from land.

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The weather should be pretty good. Temps might drop in the evening enough to notice, especially if something in the 60's sounds chilly to you. You could pack a sweater/light jacket, or just buy something there if you need it. The place doesn't get as much rain as legend says, but it does happen. Pack or buy a small collapsible umbrella. And, sunglasses.

It's probably just as likely to be unusually warm as unusually cool. (I.e., the usual unusual weather.) Last time I was there, in late September, it was in the high 80's.

Be sure to look at the London forecast for the week just before you pack. That should give you a good idea of what to expect.

Most modern London buildings have AC in the summer, but quite a few older buildings do not, so sometimes they can be stuffy. (Some Tube stations are very uncomfortably warm in the summer.)

What to visit besides the usual sites really depends on your interests. Anything and everything open to visitors will have a web site.