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Final Itinerary - Scotland and Cornwall it is!

I've posted several threads in the last few months trying to determine an itinerary for a trip to the UK with my mom in May 2016 and received great feedback. I'm happy to report back that we finally nailed down our plans, and ended up coming full circle to our original idea - Scotland (Edinburgh plus a few day trips) and Cornwall. At first I thought that was a slightly daft plan - too much distance between - but I believe we've arrived at a very relaxed, doable itinerary.

12 May: Fly to Edinburgh (from Newark, where we'll meet from our respective home airports)

13 - 20 May: Stay at this perfectly located Royal Mile apartment; spend a couple of days sightseeing in Edinburgh, 2-3 Rabbie's day tours to the W. Highlands, St. Andrew's and Borders, possibly train to York for a day

20 May: Fly to Exeter airport, pick up hire car and drive to Marazion, where we are staying in a cozy Cornish cottage by the beach.

20-27 May: No set plans, just enjoy West Cornwall - scenic drives, visit gardens and fishing villages, soak in the atmosphere.

27 May: Return car to Penzance station and take the train to Exeter (this seems out of sequence considering we'll have flown into Exeter airport a week earlier, but the cottage dates dictated this part of the journey). Spend the night at Abode Exeter and visit the Cathedral.

28 May: Train to Newbury, spend two nights at Carnarvon Arms.

29 May: Visit Highclere Castle (date to purchase tickets is in red on my calendar!)

30 May: Private driver to Heathrow for flight home.

Any feedback is welcome, but I will say that we don't plan to make major changes at this point. We've already booked the accommodations - just waiting until we can book train, Flybe flight and tours. More than anything, I really just wanted to thank all who've responded on earlier threads and share that we made our decision!

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Beth, it sounds like you have planned a lovely trip. It looks like you've built in some flexibility which I think you'll enjoy. Have a wonderful time!


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Thank you, Pam. Our plans were getting a little too complicated, and we finally took a step back, determined that we really wanted to see both a bit of Scotland and Cornwall, and that we wanted a home base in each rather than a lot of 2-3 night stays. We're very pleased with the plan, and can hardly wait until May!

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Much as it hurts me to say it (since London isn't included #notbiased) it does look like a nice relaxing trip, and you've picked some great places to stay. There is a chance you will get some really nice weather in May, still not going to be too warm, but lovely late spring sunshine let's hope. #jealous


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It's no reflection on London, Mike - we spent several days in London last year and loved it! We just decided to give Edinburgh its fair shakes this year. :-) Believe me, I'll be back to London!

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Beth, you've planned a lovely trip that I know you'll enjoy. Good job!!

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We LOVED Edinburgh and plan to go back for at least a week. While you are there, I highly recommend spending a day in Stirling to visit the Castle and the William Wallace monument. Stirling is really easy to reach by train (direct from Haymarket Station) and you can walk to the castle and either take a bus or a taxi to the William Wallace Monument.

Also close by is Falkirk Wheel which looks like an interesting side trip (we ran out of time...).

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That's a great suggestion, Todd. We've thought about going to York by train to see the Minster and a bit of the city, but we could consider Stirling either as an alternative or as another day trip. Glad to hear you enjoyed your time in Edinburgh so much. I'd love to spend a couple of weeks in Scotland sometime, but for this trip, we're just excited to visit Edinburgh and get a flavor of the country through day trips.