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Fielding Hotel Thoughts?

Hey All !!

I've booked time at the Fielding House (a Rick recommended stay) but found some very mixed reviews on Trip Advisor from late 2022. There was a post about a year ago on concerns regarding this establishment in the England Reviews forum as well but that post has been closed. Some time has passed since these reviews and the hotel seems to react to reviews consistently.

I wondering if anyone else has a recent experience? Does Rick still use this hotel for their tours?

Thoughts on other hotels in the west end?

Thanks !!


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Having read some of the negative reviews, they may well tell you more about the poster.....

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If you have reservations about it, don’t stay there.

In addition to the written review I also look at what was said and the number of contributions/reviews the person has written. I tend to trust reviews more from those who have written hundreds of reviews in numerous locations. I don’t put much stock in reviews where it’s a contributor’s only review. What’s nice are the photos showing some of the issues the contributors were writing about. They visually show issues the written word may not convey. With all the hotels there are in London there’s no reason to stay at one you may regret staying at, have reservations about, or have preconceived notions of.

Something else to consider is that in 2022 many, if not all, hotels were having major staffing issues coming out of the covid lockdowns. A hotel we stayed at by the Gloucester tube stop had had a 98% staff turnover rate because of the shutdowns. I know it affected service. While I mentioned the shortcomings in my TA review, I tried to put it into perspective and the hotel still received a very good rating.

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Update - I have since cancelled my reservation at The Fielding House and booked at The Academy.