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Ferry - York to Netherlands (DFDS from Newcastle or P&O from Hull)


Just returned from London but will be heading back in early September. We will have several days in York and from there, we will head to The Netherlands (Flying home via AMS). We have decided that we will take an overnight ferry from York to The Netherlands, however, we are struggling a bit on which option is best. Option 1 is DFDS Overnight Seaways cruise ferry from Newcastle to Amsterdam and Option 2 is the P&O overnight cruise ferry from Hull to Rotterdam. We have spent a bit of time researching the best option, including the Man in Seat 61, however, I am looking for some first hand experience from the members of this forum on what their thoughts are on this topic. The DFDS Seaways seems to have better reviews and P&O has recently cut many of their staff in a less than ideal way. Yet, from York, Hull is closer compared to Newcastle. Any insight on this is appreciated. Thank you.

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We've done Hull to Rotterdam and it was easy and no big issues. Best of all the train stops at the ferry port, and it's direct to the airport.

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In terms of Newcastle, there’s a shuttle bus from the train station to the port, however it’s an extra expense.

I’ve sailed DFDS before and it was fine, but a bit pricey

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I wouldn’t touch P&O with a barge pole after the fiasco of earlier this year. I know someone who travelled with them on the Dover - Calais route last month and they said never again. The staff didn’t know what they were doing.