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Favorite Thames pub

We will be returning to London in November for 8 nights. There are a number of pubs with lots of history and personality that are scattered up and down and along the Thames River. Would love to hear which ones are your favorite

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Hi Susan -

It’s a while since we visited but I really liked The Prospect of Whitby in Wapping. Had, hopefully still has, a solid pewter bar! And it’s dark and not too gentrified inside. Also used to have a gibbet out the back, viewable from the rear bay window, which overlooks the Thames, but I think/hope that’s a long discontinued thing nowadays!

The Blackfriars (north side of Blackfriars Bridge) gets good write ups mainly because of its wonderful interior design and did a mean mulled wine on a chilly day.

We also did a walk with London Walks ‘Bohemian London’ which took in Fitzrovia and the area near to Great Ormond Street hospital and which visited a pub which still had the old Victorian glass and wood and frosted glass serving hatch, which shamefully I can’t recall the name of!

It’s probably passé to mention it but the Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese off Fleet Street is a very old wood panelled pub dating back to 1667 (presumably rebuilt immediately after The Great Fire). It serves the universally reviled Samuel Smiths ales (brewed in Yorkshire but for some reason more frequently found in London - must have got run out of the county!) but you could get a pint of their dark mild when I last called in, which is beer like my grandad used to drink - I’m on something of a one man campaign to bring mild back and I seem to be having a modicum of success on that front! Drawback here is that it gets crazy busy as it’s very much on the tourist trail it would seem.

And I’ve mentioned it before, but the Morpeth Arms, on the opposite side of the river facing the MI5 building (EDIT: MI6. Sorry Emma, always get this one wrong! Maybe because technically MI6 isn’t supposed to exist! 😂😂) is interesting for several reasons - it’s upper ‘Spying Room’ and the ‘Cellarcam’ permanently on in the bar in the hope you’ll be able to pick up a spectral appearance!

That should give you something to go at and I’m sure you’ll get a plethora of other suggestions - everybody has their own favourite pub!

Have a great trip!


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Thank you Ian. Great information. We'll be staying in the Fulham area - I've heard there are a number of good pubs on the river in the stretch between there and Chiswick.

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I would second the suggestions above for the pubs near Hammersmith Bridge, a very nice are along the Thames, a walking trail, all the pubs have views of the river.

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Went to a pre- wedding party once at the Prospect of Whitby. To me it was very
British and fun being right on the river.

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As you are staying in Fulham enjoy the walk along the Thames to the Dove. Had the best pumpkin sage soup there last November. Tiny pub. Loved it.

Also if you like small traditional bookstores do not miss Hurlingham Books. Ray, the proprietor is knowledgeable and an enjoyable conversationalist.
Hurlingham sits around the corner from the Eight Bells pub and just up the block from the Putney Bridge Tube Station.

Lastly, for coffee the teeny ( as in order and take away your cup or sit at the outside tables in the chill)
Dr Expresso Caffetteria is a winner as is the breakfast at the adjacent family run River Cafe.

The Bell and Crown on the river in Chiswick was nice as well. A bit pricey but I wasn’t paying. Went for the Sunday Roast. Roomy. Definitely a Gastropub. Great river dining room with nearly floor to ceiling windows.