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Fast Track Entry Westminster Abbey & The Tower of London

Hi all,

I am looking at some of the tours to purchase that promise no wait to enter Westminster Abbey and The Tower of London. However, I'm confused because both offer online Fast Track Entry tickets. Any thoughts on how fast is "Fast Track Entry"? Does the time of day impact Fast Track Entry in late June?

In Barcelona, we bought Sagrada Familia with guided tour tickets for 27 Euro each (vs the basic entry ticket for 17 Euro) in the middle of day in the summer. We walked up to a mob scene but were able to walk right in because we had "Fast Track Entry" tickets with a guided tour.

Thanks all!

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Why not just buy your tickets for both a head of time? I gave great thought to using London Walks for both and I finally decided it was easier (and better for our schedule) to just buy tickets for WA and TofL ahead. All the "fast track" means is you have your ticket a head of time and you don't have to get in the ticket line. But someone mentioned on a London Walks thread that it does take some time for the group leader to collect money from people then go get the group tickets. I'm sure that is how some companies market their tour package but my understanding is everyone with pre purchased tickets gets in at the same speed and a lot faster than everyone in line to buy tickets.
I also felt that WA and TofL have excellent tours given without the need for an outside tour guide. We do plan on paying the extra 5 pounds for the WA tour once we get inside.

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Thanks AWhitney! I, too, am thinking about using London Walks for both but the times that the tours are offered don't quite work for our itinerary. If purchasing tickets ahead of time doesn't leave us waiting in an entrance line for 45 minutes (like it does at Versailles), that seems the way to go.

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everybody still has to go through security

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It’s June.

Summer school term holiday in the U.K. as well.

Tourists from around the world will be in London same time as you.

You’ve been to Disneyland?!

And as Nigel has noted EVERYONE goes through security!

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Okay, so bottom line is the London Walk to each of these places doesn't necessarily speed up entry any faster than buying a ticket online... And... we just need to be at both places before they open to avoid mass chaos. ;)