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Extra wide sneakers (trainers) - where to buy in England & Wales

I'll be in England & Wales for 3 weeks next month. I need 4E sneakers to avoid foot pain. I'll have a good pair with me but am a little concerned about something happening. (Once while hiking down a rocky hill a sole tore off.) I hate to lug an extra pair that I probably won't need.

Where should I look for extra-wide sneakers/trainers should the need arise. I searched online and can see they're available (online), but what stores can I go into to buy a pair on the spot?

The only cities I'll be in are London & Liverpool. Will there be stores in smaller towns that carry them?


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I've always been under the impression that New Balance has sneakers for wider feet. If that is the case, the brand can be found at these stores in London. Might I suggest you consider investing in a pair light weight hiking shoes. Keen brand has 4E sizes. They also have sneakers if that's your preference. In the Cardinal Palace Shopping Center on Victoria there is a The North Face store that has Keens. At least it was there in Fall of last year. Or purchase online before you go, or, if there's an REI near you, shop in person. Keens are extremely light weight yet provide great stability. Expensive but worth EVERY penny. My keens have been to Istanbul, Ireland, London, Paris, Up Half Dome, into Mosaic Canyon in Death Valley, over the red rocks of Moab. Durable, comfortable and long lasting. No, I don't work for Keen. Merely discovered what a great brand of shoe they produce and have continued to be a satisfied customer over the years.

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Thanks for the replies.

I do wear New Balance at home, I've found their 4E the most comfortable for my wide feet. New Balance in regular widths are widely available but 4E not as common. I keep my eye out for them and buy a pair in advance of needing them. (I'm a little embarrassed to say that I have at least a half-dozen brand new pairs under my bed, waiting for the day I need them.)

On a previous trip to Europe I took an extra pair along. They took up valuable packing space & weight, and never left my suitcase. The chance of needing a spare pair is slim but if it happens I don't want to waste a day or more searching for what I need. Nor do I want to cram my 4E feet into a D sneaker, especially when I'll be walking all day.

I do have a pair of hiking shoes that I wear for particularly rugged or wet terrain. But for casual walking I much prefer sneakers -- my feet are happier all around.

In short, New Balance would be ideal. So I'll be all set if I know where to find them.


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There are some larger size women's shoe stores on Chiltern Street between Dorset and George off of Baker Street and I think I recall there being a larger size men's shoe store there too, but please Google it first as I'm working off of memory. And I'm not sure if they have athletic shoes. That street seems to have a cluster of shoe shops and bridal salons.

Have you ordered from Hancock? Their catalogue specializes in wide shoes for men. They carry New Balance, I believe.