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Experience with Mobal phone

A few years ago, I purchased a Mobal phone that I can use in any country in the World. I pay a charge per minute that is charged to my credit card. The phone is based out of the UK.

I used the phone in the UK in 2013, but don't remember exactly how.

Does anyone know about this companies phone. If I am in the UK, can I just put in the local phone number without the prefix and country code?

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I don't know if Mobal will work in the UK using just a local number. But if you use +44, the area code without the 0, then the local number, it will definitely work. This is a universal system; it's how I put almost all numbers into my phone, and then I never have to worry about them again, as they will dial from anywhere.

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I have a Mobal sim, but I haven't used it in forever. I now have T-Mobile, it has a fantastic plan which includes international calls, texts, and data.

I looked at the Mobal site and found this: direct link to calling PDF. I looks as if you can access the internet. If not, to call in UK from anywhere; example: local number 01543426999, you would dial +44 1543 426 999.

Hope this helps.