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Experience with Air Malta- Gatwick

I have a flight from NYC to Gatwick in September: 9:00pm to 9:15am. Then flight to Malta 10:50am.
My return flights are Malta to Gatwick 7:20am arrivng Gatwick 9:45am, then flight from Gatwick to NYC departing at 11:50 am.

Can I make those connections?

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The eastbound connection is possible but tight. It depends to some extent on what airline is taking you across the Atlantic, if it is a joint ticket and if your luggage can be checked through to the final destination. Air Malta appears to connect to Lufthansa and Swiss flights; are they part of your itinerary?

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Are you booked on a through ticket or are these separate bookings? Both are too tight if not a through booking.

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Heathrow is worse.
Q1) Is this one through (joint) ticket (same question Southam asked)? If it is two tickets - no hope.
If this is one through ticket your luggage gets labelled through to Malta and you get both boarding cards when you check-in at NYC. That way you stay "Airside" and never need to (legally) enter the UK or check in for the second flight. Without that add ~1 hour for immigration plus whatever the minimum check-in time for the second flight = No way.

Q2) Which terminal(s) is this? If you need to change terminals add 30-60 minutes.

Q3) Is your flight going to land on time? What happens if it is 1 hour late? With a through ticket you get a free transfer to the next flight.

As Jennifer says, with a through booking both are tight but possible if everything works. But too tight for comfort. Otherwise no way.