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Evensong in Oxford

Hello. We'll be arriving in Oxford late afternoon on a Sunday in May, and would very much like to attend an evensong service. Someone recommended this site for a listing of services, but I'm overwhelmed by all of the choices:
Does anyone have a specific recommendation, or just a comment on where you went and what your experience was? Thank you.

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Thank you for posting this, I had no idea that such a website existed, and I am from the UK.

This is very useful and what is so fantastic about this forum. You find what you never knew existed.

When I go the home page I see it covers the whole of the UK.

I am interested to see that it also covers the office of Compline (or night prayer)- the last monastic service of the day.

I don't have any specific recommendation having only ever done Oxford or beyond as a day trip from Essex scheduled to the limit (so never stayed overnight). I would pick the one in a College Chapel which is the closest to your accommodation. Whether or not you are religious you will find it to be a sumptuous experience, with music of the highest quality.
Check with the college website in case you need ID or to give advance notice. I have been to all the Royal Peculiars (the Royal Chapels which are not Parish Churches) in London- like St Peter ad Vincula at the Tower and Hampton Court Palace Chapel (and others), for Sunday services. Because those are outside public opening times you sometimes have to make such arrangements, so worth checking with the venue.

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So many choices... Top of my list would be Christ Church Cathedral - a wonderful building. Do a google image search to see teh inside.

Worcester College Chapel is smaller and more intimate and is regarded as one of the best examples of the work of William Burgess with its richly painted walls, mosaic floor, stained glass windows.

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Another vote for Church’s Church Cathedral, be there in front of the line when it opens on Sunday evening. They ask for a small donation, the music is wonderful and well worth your effort and donation. You will be able to walk around the church after the music and enjoy its beauty.

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If pushed I'd plump for Queens. Nothing wrong with the suggestions above though.