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Even song at St Martin in the field

My wife and I want to attend even song at St Martin in the Field and on another day the same at Canterbury Cathedral. Because these are 'free', and are both in popular tourist sites, how early should a person show up, to get inside?

Anyone have experience at this?

wayne iNWI

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Evensong is a religious service, so you should be prepared for that. But because it is a service, all who wish to participate are admitted.

When we went to Evensong at St. Paul's we arrived 30 minutes ahead and had our pick of seats. I don't know how the popularity of St. Martin's in the Fields compares, so hopefully someone has experience with that and can respond.

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Much like Lola above I haven't experienced Evensong at St Martin in the Fields but I would likely be going in around 15 minutes before the service or when the bells ring if they ring for the service.

Remember that they are religious services and not an invitation for a tourist visit sightseeing, and whilst services are free to attend there will be a collection.

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St. Martin-in-the-Field has evensong only on Sunday's at 5pm and Monday's at 4:30pm.
The schedule changes sometimes during Lent, Easter and Christmas and during the month of August, so suggest checking their schedule for when you want to go. Canterbury Cathedral has evensong everyday.