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Evan Evans Tour

We are thinking of taking another Evan Evans Tour...It would be the one with Hampton Courts and Windsor Castle.. It also does a short bus tour of London...Has any one done a tour of Hampton Courts...I am wondering if it worth it to go to both....HC and WC...and their bus tour of London...The price is ok for all that you get....Is it too may castles in one day?...Since we will be coming off a Rick Steves tour. I am sure that the Evans bus tour will have some of the RS guided bus tour also....I am re thinking the Evans tour...And just going to Windsor Castle on our own ....opinions please...Thanks Pam

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I visited Hampton Court decades ago and it was wonderful. There is so much history in Hampton Place that it over flows with it. It's been decades, but I still remember the gardens, some of the rooms and the maze. Now that I think about it, I think I have to go back. :)


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One resident Anglophile says: Hampton Court is pretty large. Doing those two with a bus tour of the city (that you've probably already seen most of on our tour) seems like a lot. If it were me, I’d do the day trip to Windsor and call it good. Hope that helps!

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I have done 3 Evan Evans tours and really like them. In order I did them, and the order I rank them: Windsor Castle/Bath/Stonehenge; Leeds Castle/Cantebury/Dover; and Wawrick Castle/Stratford/Oxford. I consider the first one a "must do."

Also, on my own, I've been to Hampton Court and LOVED it. (I also LOVED Tower of London, so that's a good clue into what I like) I took the train, was there for four hours. Very easy to do. I don't think I'd have enough time at HC if I were on an E-E tour.

So I guess I am suggesting you do both Castles, but not the same day. If you have time to do it as I did, I strongly recommend it.