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Eurostar St. Pancras to Euston: Is one hour enought time?

We'll be arriving on the Eurostar at 12:58 on a Sunday. Then, we need to walk over to the Euston station to catch a train to Liverpool. Is one hour enough time to allow? I want to purchase advance tickets to Liverpool. The direct trains depart every hour on the :05. Would like to purchase the one that leaves at 14:05, but I'll wait to see what others suggest.

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It is about a 10 minute walk, if your luggage has wheels. Add another 5-10 minutes to exit the train and exit the station at St Pancras, and 5 minutes to find your train at Euston, and it is still OK.
Eurostar is usually on time. I did the walk once in the rain, and got very wet, otherwise OK.
Have you already purchased your Eurostar tickets? If not, you can book Paris (or Brussels) to Liverpool on Eurostar. If you do it that way (on the site, or or ), and if the first train is delayed you miss the second train you get a free transfer to the next train

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Google maps pegs the distance at. 6 miles, and 12 minutes walking distance. If you'll already have your tickets, an hour sounds doable as long as you're not bogged down with too much luggage. .

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I went ahead and booked the train to Liverpool allowing an hour rather than two. It seemed like a no-brainer, but I wanted to be sure.

Chris, I wish I had known about booking through to Liverpool. Good know to for future trips.

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The walk between St Pancras and Euston is flat and the pavements are wide, so even bogged down with lots of luggage, it's an easy walk, assuming your luggage has wheels.

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As others have noted it's an easy walk, though the sidewalks are busy, especially on weekdays, so prepare for a few extra minutes there and try not to impede the commuters on their walk to work! :-) Be courteous and travel single file with your luggage.