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Eurostar Seating Questions

We will be traveling on the Eurostar from London to Amsterdam & returning from Bruges back to London.
Some of us suffer from motion sickness and would obviously prefer to face the correct direction. I did the best that I could when booking our seats according to the Eurostar seating plan.

Then I got a bit worried when I went to and he says: "WARNING, incorrect direction of travel & window positions shown on Eurostar's online seat selection graphic. ... Be warned, at the time of writing there's an error on the Eurostar website when selecting a seat from their seat plan graphic, the direction of travel is wrong when booking a seat on a train heading towards London. Choose your seat from this accurate seating plan, not theirs."

Oh dear. So I contacted Eurostar and am waiting to hear from them. Does anyone know which site is accurate - seat61 or Eurostar? Any tips/suggestions? Thank you.

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I would trust seat61.
That said, he does say "at the time of writing", so Eurostar may have fixed their site. I would look up the seats you have booked on the seat61 plan.

But, the route you describe involves 2 trains out (London --> Brussels and Brussels --> Amsterdam), then Amsterdam --> Brussels and Brussels --> Brugge; and finally Brugge --> Brussels and Brussels --> London.
On the Brussels <--> Brugge legs you do not book, it is "first come first served" seating, so you just have to find a free seat in the direction you like.
I have no idea how to ensure you are facing forwards on Brussels <--> Amsterdam. You may not even be allowed to choose. If you are travelling with someone, you could book 2 seats facing if your companion is prepared to travel backwards.

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Just curious. Is motion sickness an issue when in the tunnel?

My husband has some familiarity with it on boats and in cars, but has never had a problem on trains. I've never experienced it in any situation.

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Just an FYI. I used seat61 when I booked my Eurostar tix a few weeks ago and it appeared that the glitch had been corrected, as the two seating maps matched with which direction to face.

Just the thought of spending 2 hours riding backwards makes me nauseous haha!!

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Thank you all for your helpful replies.

Chris, yes, I'll check the seat61 site also. Hopefully, the Eurostar one has been updated.

Ray, yes, I will ask if needed. Thanks for the reminder with regards to motion sickness pills. I depend on them often.

Lo, we traveled on the Eurostar from London to Paris a few years ago. On both routes, we were facing the wrong direction. We were concerned that we would possibly feel sick. We were fine, not great, but fine. The reason for my concern is that the trip to Amsterdam is longer. I'm not nearly as concerned about the other trips.

Heather, that helps. So, just to clarify, the Eurostar seating plan on their own site, is now in fact correct? Their seating plan seems a bit easier to read than the one on seat61, or maybe it's just my computer.

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Remember that the Amsterdam trip is not Eurostar beyond Brussels - it will be another train - Thalys - if your trip is on the expensive fast one; or the couple of trains if you are taking the slower cheaper one, and they all have different seating configurations and you will be changing at least at Brussels.

Also, fairly rare but not unheard of, sometimes the train arrives in reverse configuration due to operational reasons. In that case your expected forward facing seat would be reversed and you would be going backwards.

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Negin, yes that would be correct. I agree that the Eurostar map is much easier to read.

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Thank you again. Eurostar emailed me back and confirmed that their seating plans are updated now and correct. All seems fine.
Nigel, thanks for the reminder with regards to Thalys.