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Eurostar not accepting credit card payment - anyone else experiencing this?

Anyone else experiencing problems when booking via the Eurostar website the past couple of days? Keeps kicking me out. So strange -

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Have you informed your credit card issuer you will be doing a "foreign" transaction? Even if it is billed to you in USD or whatever your home currency is, your bank will se it as foreign and might deny it.

Talk with your bank/card issuer. They will need a lot more detail to answer this and possibly fix it from their end. Are you seeing any error message? Or is it really just "kicking" you out with no indication why?

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There are other possibilities, but have you notified your credit card company that you're going to make a purchase on a European website?

Have you tried to buy on the website? I haven't used it, but others here have, and I understand that it sells at the same price as the rail company. You'd want to verify that, of course.

If it's offered as an option, using PayPal rather than a credit card often works. I cannot, however, vouch for what sort of exchange rate you'll run into if you use PayPal.

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Yes, I previously notified my credit card company. I will keep trying and will make an additional call to my credit card holder and see what's up. Just thought maybe others were experiencing this today as well.

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Yes, I did have an issue with it about a week ago, trying my Capital One MasterCard, but completed the purchase the next day with a different card (tied to our business account).