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Eurostar, Eurotunnel, Calais Port Strike

I'm surprised that this hasn't had more press on this Forum, and I'm also posting this to France Forum so that people from France can be warned.

There has been extensive disruption again on the approaches to the Channel Tunnel.

There are now actions planned against the Tunnel and ferries for a minimum of 48 hours from noon tomorrow, Thursday the 2nd July.

This includes the burning tyres on the line seen as recently as yesterday. At least they aren't burning sheep like they used to...

Anybody planning to travel between England and France or Belgium by Eurostar, Eurotunnel or short cross Channel ferries (including Dunkerque) for the next several days is advised to create a plan B and regularly communicate with your crossing provider.

This is because striking French ferry workers are angry about the selling of MyFerryLink (a French ferry company between southeast England and France) to DFDS (a bigger non-French ferry and trucking company) by Eurotunnel's French component.

If you are going between London St Pancras and either Paris, Lille or Brussels expect major disruption and cancellations.

If you are crossing by water expect even more disruption including on the roads and autoroutes around Calais and Dunkerque and be prepared for many "migrants" on the roads and Autoroutes and walking across them, as well as very long queues of trucks on both sides of the roads and Autoroutes in the Calais area.

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